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Increase the efficiency of your vehicles


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Your benefits

Save costs
Already in the design phase of vehicles, you can determine which variants will be particularly efficient and which will be less efficient. This saves high costs in later operation and for any possible necessary adjustments.
TrainOptimizerĀ® is an optimization service based on more than 20 years of research in the field of passenger behaviour when boarding, moving, stowing luggage and sitting during a journey with public transport
Based on exact behavior observations of more than 400,000 passengers in almost 100 different vehicles, any new vehicle design can be assessed efficiently.
TrainOptimizer is based on the exact knowledge of travellers' needs and the resulting behaviours, which is why the results obtained are particularly accurate in reflecting reality.

You are a:

- railway or public transport operator
- rail vehicle manufacturer
- design or engineering company
- purchaser of transport services
- educational institution
- other institution

You want efficient vehicles by:

- short dwell time
- high occupancy rate
- best possible baggage stowing
- high passenger comfort
- better accessibility
- energy reduction
- better cost-effectiveness

... then our TrainOptimizerĀ®-Service helps you to optimize your vehicles in a few steps!

TrainOptimizer explained