The railway is a complex system that must always be viewed holistically. The team at netwiss OG and Vienna University of Technology – Research Centre for Railway Engineering can build on many years of experience with regard to a holistic approach to the railway system. We have access to a large international network of highly qualified experts and strategic partners in the field of railways and transport as well as complementary disciplines for all services in the railway sector.

The holistic approach also includes interdisciplinary, interoperable and intermodal thinking. In this context, research and consultancy services in the field of railways are also combined with other disciplines. One of many essential consulting services is in the area of transport economics.

We have access to a large international network of highly qualified experts and strategic partners in the field of railways and transport as well as complementary disciplines for all services in the railway sector.

In addition to a holistic view of the railway and numerous railway-specific disciplines, special competencies lie in the area of passenger transport:

Optimisation of passenger trains in the range from:

- Vehicle interior concepts (local and long-distance traffic)
- Luggage storage in trains
- Passenger flows and passenger exchange times
- Accessibility
- Increase in the degree of defacto capacity utilisation in trains
- Improvement of traveller comfort
- Efficient use of travel time in trains
- Increase in efficiency

Optimisation of mobility chains:

- Concepts for the first and last mile
- Luggage handling along the entire mobility chain
- Luggage logistics systems and services
- Customer requirements when staying in stations
- Efficient use of time in stations
- Luggage handling in stations

The optimisations are always carried out from a holistic perspective with the aim of taking the requirements of both customers and operators equally into account and striving for an overall optimum in the system.

Our Services For You

Consulting and Optimisation
In addition to TrainOptimizer, with whose help you can independently check your vehicle layouts for efficiency and select the best layouts, we offer you comprehensive consulting services.

Based on our extensive knowledge in the area of passenger needs and passenger behaviour, we would be pleased to advise you on all of the above optimisation areas. Especially in the field of rail vehicles, our proven expertise enables us to examine and evaluate the efficiency of newly constructed vehicles as well as existing or redesign vehicles in local and long-distance traffic. Together with you and for you, we can help develop optimised vehicle interiors, which can significantly improve economic efficiency due to higher achievable capacity utilisation, shorter passenger boarding and deboarding times and thus dwell times but with the same high degree of customer satisfaction.

We check and optimise your vehicle concepts with regard to:

- Arrangement and dimensioning of luggage storage
- Arrangement of seats, tables etc.
- Dimensioning of aisle widths
- Vehicle overall concepts

with the objective of the:

- Reduction of dwell time and passenger boarding and deboarding times
- Increase of utilization rate
- Increase in traveller satisfaction
- Increase of security
- Increase of profitability

Efficiently designed passenger coaches have up to 20% more capacity utilisation compared to vehicles with a maximum number of seats and allow up to 70% shorter dwell times in the stations while at the same time ensuring a high degree of passenger satisfaction. These parameters imply the highest possible efficiency.
Customer Queries and Data Collections
In order to be able to offer the best possible quality in increasingly fierce competition, concrete knowledge about the needs of one's own customers is irreplaceable. Knowledge of actual customer behaviour under various general conditions is also essential in order to recognise weak points in the system in good time and be able to implement targeted improvement measures to increase efficiency. Due to the large number of projects carried out, we have extensive methodological experience in efficiently carrying out the following surveys in the field of rail and public transport:

- We design and conduct Customer surveys in stations, on trains or online.
- We carry out passenger flow investigations for you on vehicles and in the station area in order to optimise passenger flows and passenger boarding and deboarding times.
- We carry out luggage data collection in order to develop solutions tailored to the needs of your customers in the passenger compartment and in stations.
- We carry out any other desired data collection for you. In netwiss OG you have a competent partner with extensive know-how in the field of surveys, which is continuously applied in many projects.

Especially in the complex environment of the railway system, our many years of experience helps us to efficiently conduct all kinds of surveys, always with the focus on the best possible data collection with simultaneous consideration of all operational requirements and framework conditions.
Project Development & Management
You have an idea for a development or research project in the field of mobility and transport, but you do not know how to implement this idea. We will be happy to help you. We are also happy to manage projects. We are happy to support you.